Chef’s Bio

As far back as I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with food.  I’ve been cooking since I was 10, mostly for IMG_9580913634932neighbourhood kids who would give me $2 each and I would put a picnic together in my parents’ yard.  At a very young age I realised how good food and a friendly atmosphere could bring people together.

My family emigrated from Cambodia to the USA after the tragedies of the Khmer Rouge, and the meals that we prepared daily were all that reminded us of the old country. Living in a strange new country, without easy access to the ingredients she was familiar with, my mother became a culinary improviser, creating delicious meals from whatever she could find at the local shops and markets. From her, I learned to be creative in my approach to cooking.

I also grew up surrounded by music. My father was a musician, and on weekends I remember selling snacks at his gigs.  That was the beginning of my dabbling in the food business.  I catered for over 10 years specialising in ethnic fusion cuisine, and held an open Tuesday night dinner party every week for years.  People would show up, grab a plate and place to sit, and everyone was welcome.

After meeting my English husband, who loves music and collects old vinyl records, I knew we would get on well, I just never knew I would end up in England.  So we both decided to pursue our passions under one roof, Cambodian food and vinyl records.   I hope to make the delicious food I grew up eating for you, and if you get a chance please also check out our vinyl record boutique.

Y Sok (pronounce E-Soak)