Crispy Rolls – Three crispy Cambodian spring rolls filled with pork, veggies, water chestnut, woods ear mushrooms and glass noodles. Served with a Cambodian dipping sauce. Vegan option available. £3.95

Summer Rolls – Two fresh rice paper rolls filled with prawns, pork,  rice noodles, fresh vegetables and herbs.  Served with Cambodian dipping sauce. Gluten-free. Vegan option available. £3.95

Cabbage Salad – Traditional salad with poached chicken, prawns, Quorn or tofu. Shredded cabbage, noodles, onions, cucumber, mint, carrots, house roasted peanuts and crispy shallots in a sweet and tart house dressing. Gluten free. £6.95 (£8.95 with prawns)

Crispy Wings – Four crispy chicken wings glazed with sweet chillies (medium spicy) or honey siracha (very spicy). Gluten free. £5.95

Daily Soup Specials – Check our menu board or ask our staff. Soups made daily. £4.50

Soup and Half-Sandwich Combo – Choice of any Angkor Sandwich with a cup of our daily soup special. £5.95 (£6.95 with the prawn sandwich)


All our sandwich fillings can be served in house-baked baguette, or in a soft-flour wrap. Add a side order of fries to any wrap for an extra £2.00.

Mekong Steak – Sliced steak marinated in Cambodian lemongrass paste, with cucumber, onions, chilli mayo and pickled carrots. £5.80

Bayon Chicken – Pieces of tender chicken marinated in Cambodian lemongrass paste, with cucumber, onions, chilli mayo and pickled carrots. £ 5.80

Cambodian Pulled Pork – Slow roasted pork shoulder in a house made hoisin barbecue sauce, with onions, pickled carrots, coriander and cucumber. Vegetarian/vegan options available with Quorn or tofu. £5.80

Battambang Prawns– Sautéed prawns with toasted coconut, sweet chilli, cucumber, coriander, chilli mayo and pickled carrots. £6.80

Sweet Chilli Tofu/Quorn – Tofu or Quorn glazed in sweet chilli sauce, with coriander, chilli mayo, cucumber and pickled carrots (Vegan option available). £5.80


Cambodian Mee Noodles – A spicy noodle broth of chillies, tamarind and lime leaves, topped with your choice of beef, poached chicken or prawns. Garnished with shredded cabbage, coriander, crispy shallots and half a boiled egg. Traditionally served with egg noodles, but can be made with rice noodles if you want a gluten free option. £5.25 (£7.25 with prawns)

Bun Hoi – A fresh rice noodle salad, served with crispy pork spring rolls, shredded lettuce, cucumber, mint, crispy shallots and house roasted peanuts with a Cambodian tuk trey sauce, Topped with your choice of sauteed beef, chicken, prawns, tofu or Quorn. Gluten free. Please note that this dish is served the traditional way, with chilled noodles. £7.50 (£9.50 with prawns)

Cha Kari – Sauteed egg noodles with home-made coconut curry sauce.vegetables, basil and your choice of beef, chicken, prawns, Quorn or tofu. Gluten free vegan option available. £7.50 (£9.50 with prawns)

Cha Mee – Sauteed noodles with garlic, spring onions, bean sprouts and your choice of beef, chicken, prawns, Quorn or tofu. Topped with roasted peanuts and crispy shallots, with tuk trey sauce on the side. Vegan option available with no egg and a vegan-friendly sauce. £7.50 (£9.50 with prawns)


Cambodian Kari – A traditional coconut curry with lemongrass paste, star anise and chillies. Cooked with bamboo, green beans, peppers, onion and basil. With your choice of beef, chicken, prawns, Quorn or tofu. Medium-spicy. Gluten-free. Vegan option available. £8.00 (£10.00 with prawns)

Spicy Lemongrass Sautee – Traditional Cambodian lemongrass paste, sauteed with peppers, onions, dried birds eye chillies, peanuts and basil. With your choice of beef, chicken, prawns, Quorn or tofu. Medium-spicy. Gluten-free. Vegan option available. £8.00 (£10.00 with prawns)

Cambodian Fried Rice – Sauteed jasmine rice with garlic, eggs, onions, carrots and peas in a Cambodian seasoning sauce. With your choice of beef, chicken, prawns, Quorn or tofu. Medium-spicy. Gluten-free. Vegan option available. £8.00 (£10.00 with prawns)

Vegan Spicy Fried Brown Rice – Sauteed brown rice with sweetcorn, kale, onions, garlic, carrots and tofu in a chilli paste. Topped with basil and crispy shallots. Gluten-free. £8.00




Kroeung Moun – Tender chicken pieces marinated in Cambodian lemongrass paste, served with pickled vegetables and hoisin peanut sauce. gluten-free option available using sweet chilli sauce. £6.95

Nom Trei – Fresh Scottish salmon cakes mixed with sweet potato, coriander, spring onions and coated in panko crumbs. Served with a sweet  and tart Asian apple and savoy cabbage coleslaw. £7.95

Crispy Khmer Rolls – 3 crispy spring rolls filled with pork, water chestnuts, onions, woods ear mushrooms and glass noodles. Served with a Cambodian tuk trey dipping sauce with roasted peanuts. Vegan option available. £4.25

Summer Rolls – 2 fresh rice paper rolls filled with prawns, pork, cucumber, carrot, rice noodles and mint. Served cold with either a Cambodian tuk trey dipping sauce or hoisin peanut sauce. Gluten-free (with tuk trey sauce). Vegan option available with tofu. £4.50

Honey Siracha Wings – 4 crispy chicken wings glazed in a spicy South-east Asian sauce with chillies, honey and sesame. Gluten-free. £6.95

Angkor Cauliflower – Lightly battered cauliflower, glazed with our spicy chilli and honey sauce. Vegetarian and gluten-free. Vegan option available. £5.95

Crispy Tofu with Hoisin Peanut Sauce – Lightly fried tofu, served with Cambodian pickled vegetables and hoisin peanut sauce. Vegan-friendly. Gluten-free option available using sweet chilli sauce. £6.95


 ANGKOR PLATES (served with jasmine rice, or chilli-fried rice for £1 extra)

Loc Lac – French colonial dish of steak pieces caramelised in sweet soy and garlic. Cooked medium at an extremely high temperature to seal in the flavours. Served on top of fresh salad with black pepper lime sauce on the side for dipping. £13.95 (or try it Khmer style by adding a fried egg for an extra £1.00)

Lamb Rendang – Ethnic Cham’s most celebrated dish of tender lamb curry cooked for hours in lemongrass, toasted coconut and chilies. Medium spicy. Served with fresh mango mint salad and jasmine rice or fries £12.95

Pan Fried Sea Bass with Cambodian Chilli Sauce – Sea bass in a garlic, ginger, tomato and chilli sauce. medium-spicy, gluten-free. £14.95

Ginger Tamarind Duck – Duck breast sauteed with ginger, pepper, onions, basil, chillies and tamarind sauce. £13.95

Salah Kakoh – A traditional North Cambodian vegetarian curry with aubergine, green papaya, green beans, kale and pumpkin. Cooked in a mild lemongrass paste with coconut milk, roasted rice powder and sweet basil. gluten-free. £11.95

Cambodian Kari – A choice of chicken, beef, prawns, Quorn or tofu. A medium spicy Cambodian curry with a house-made curry paste of lemongrass and lime leaves, potatoes, green beans, bamboo shoots, coconut milk, basil and roasted peanuts. Served with a choice of baguette, jasmine rice, fries or (rice or egg) noodles. £11.85 (£2 extra for prawns)

Royal Amok – Cambodia’s national dish of fish curry cooked in a banana leaf, with coconut milk, lemongrass paste and kaffir lime leaves. Served with jasmine rice. £12.95

 Spicy Lemongrass Sautee – A choice of beef, chicken, prawns, Quorn or tofu. Cambodian lemongrass paste sautéed with bell peppers, onions, chilies, sweet basil and house roasted peanuts. Served spicy, but can be made to order to your taste. Vegan option available. £11.60 (£2 extra for prawns)



Bun Hoi – A popular dish in Southern Cambodia. Fresh tasting and popular at get-togethers and special occasions. Chilled fresh rice noodles served with your choice of sautéed beef, chicken, pork meatballs, prawns, Quorn or tofu. Topped with crispy pork spring rolls, fresh vegetables, mint, crispy shallots, house-roasted peanuts and Cambodian tuk trey sauce on the side. If vegetarian, please request our vegan tuk trey sauce. £10.60 (£2 extra for prawns)

Cha Kuthiew – A popular Cambodian street food. Sauteed flat rice noodles with a choice of beef, chicken, prawns, Quorn or tofu. With garlic, spring onions, bean sprouts, egg and roasted peanuts on top. £10.95 (£2 extra for prawns)

Mee Kathang – Cambodia’s favourite noodle dish of sautéed flat rice noodles served with your choice of beef, chicken, Quorn  or tofu. With onions, carrot, broccoli and egg, topped with a rich Cambodian-style gravy sauce. Traditionally eaten with a little chili sauce and hoisin sauce on the side. £10.95 



Pomme Frites (thin potato fries) £2.50

Sauteed Pak Choi with Garlic £3.50

Extra Jasmine Rice £2.00

Baguette £1.50



Cheesecake with Fresh Mango and Mango Puree £4.50

Ice Cream with Fresh Fruit £4.50

Cambodian Black Sticky Rice with Coconut Sauce £4.50





Khmer Crispy Rolls – 3 crispy Cambodian spring rolls filled with cabbage, carrots, onions, wood ear mushrooms and glass noodles.  Served with vegan Tuk Trey and house roasted peanuts £4.95

Summer Rolls – 2 fresh rice paper rolls filled with rice noodles, carrots, shredded lettuce, mint and tofu. Served with peanut hoisin sauce or Cambodian Tuk Trey sauce. Gluten-free with Tuk Trey. £4.50

Sticky Sriracha Cauliflower – Crispy cauliflower lightly battered, then glazed in our house made sweet and spicy sauce. Garnished with toasted sesame seed and spring onion. Gluten-free option available using corn flour. £5.95

Tofu with Hoisin Peanut Sauce – Crispy tofu served with pickled cucumber and hoisin peanut sauce. Gluten-free option available using Sweet Chili Sauce. £5.95

Hoisin Barbecue Green Jackfruit Baos – meaty young jackfruit (popular in South East Asia), slow cooked then glazed in our homemade five-spice hoisin barbecue sauce, stuffed into a steamed Bao bun with coriander and pickled cucumber. £4.95

Mains (Served with steamed Jasmine Rice, or Chili Fried Rice for extra £1)

Spicy Lemongrass Saute– Spicy lemongrass stir-fry with traditional Cambodian lemongrass, birds eye chilies, peppers, onions, green beans, basil, and roasted peanuts. With your choice of tofu, seitan, or mixed vegetables. Gluten-free (except with seitan). Served spicy, but cooked to your preference. £11.95

Ginger Saute – for the ginger lover. A traditional Khmer dish with lots of young ginger sautéed with garlic, onion, pepper, mangetout, and spring onions. With your choice of tofu, seitan, or mixed vegetables. £11.95

Cha Palah – Mixed vegetables sautéed in garlic, vegetarian oyster sauce and a vegetable broth. £11.95 (Add tofu seitan, or chickpeas for an extra £1)

Veggie Seitan Duck and Tamarind – Seitan duck sautéed with chilies, garlic, pepper, onions, soy sauce and tamarind sauce, finished off with basil. £13.95

Cambodian Kari – homemade Cambodian curry made with Kreung (Cambodian lemongrass paste), coconut milk, peanuts, star anise, lime leaves, and chilies. Cooked with sweet potatoes, bamboo shoots, green beans, peppers and onions, finished off with basil. Your choice of tofu, seitan, chick peas or mixed vegetables. £12.95

Cha Bai – Khmer-style fried rice with garlic, onions, carrots, peas, scrambled tofu and soy sauce, topped with coriander and crispy shallots. Can be served regular or spicy, with your choice of tofu, seitan or mixed vegetables.

General Lon Nol – Your choice of crispy seitan, cauliflower or tofu, sautéed with garlic, ginger, cashews, peppers and onions with our sticky Sriracha sauce. £11.95

Healthy Hearty Steamed Bowls (all gluten-free, including the soy sauce)

Your choice of short-grain brown rice or organic quinoa (extra £1.50) topped with steamed vegetables and in a delicious house dressing. Filling, and healthy. 

Sanskrit Bowl – chick peas, tofu, kale, carrots, and sweet corn with a ginger peanut sauce £11.95 

Green Yah (Green Monster) – avocados (when available), kale, edamame, broccoli and green beans with a creamy lemon maple garlic sesame dressing. If avocados are not available, we replace with purple sweet potatoes. £11.95

Apsara – Asian pumpkin, sweet corn, kale, carrots, cashews, sultanas with a curried coconut dressing. £11.95

Noodle Bowls

Bun Hoi – fresh chilled thin vermicelli rice noodle salad carrots, mint, shredded lettuce and a crispy roll, topped with roasted peanuts and crispy shallots. Served with your choice of tofu or seitan. With a Tuk Trey dressing on side to pour over. Healthy, and fresh.  Gluten free without spring rolls. £11.95

Cha Mee – wheat noodles sautéed with scrambled tofu, garlic, onions and bean sprouts. Tuk Trey sauce on the side for pouring over noodles. Served with your choice of tofu, seitan or mixed vegetables. £11.95

Cha Kuthiew – sautéed rice noodles with scrambled tofu, garlic, carrots, and beansprouts.  Everything sauteed in tamarind, palm sugar, and soy sauce. Served with your choice of tofu, seitan or mixed vegetables. Gluten-free if not using seitan. £11.95

Mee Kathang – sautéed rice noodles with mixed vegetables, scrambled tofu, garlic and onions, topped with a Cambodian style gravy sauce. Served with your choice of tofu or seitan. Gluten-free if not using seitan. £11.95

Cha Kari – sautéed wheat noodles with curry sauce, peppers, onions, bamboo shoots, green beans and basil. Served with your choice of tofu, seitan, mixed vegetables or chick peas. Gluten-free with rice noodles. £11.95

Tofu – is eaten all over Asia.  It had a bad reputation in the West due to people not cooking it properly.  In Asia it’s a staple source of protein, and delicious when prepared right.  Tofu is made from soy beans that are ground and then pressed.  It has an egg like texture, and picks up any flavours you cook it in.

Seitan – has been eaten in Asia for thousands of years amongst the Buddhist monk communities as a source of protein in their meat-free diet.  We make all our seitan in-house with organic vital wheat flour.  For those who crave meat, it’s the closest thing in texture and appearance. 







Sierra Grande Merlot (Chile) – A rich, warm red displaying ripe plums and berry aromas.  Soft and silky on the palate, with plenty of weighty Fruit.  Bronze medal winner at the Sommelier Wine Awards – small £3.50, large £5.95, bottle £16.50 Vegan

Sierra Grande Pinot Noir (Chile) – A delicate red displaying flavours of ripe, wild strawberries, beautifully balanced with a subtle, smoky wisp and a delicious lingering finish. Bronze medal winner at both the Sommelier Wine and Decanter Wine Awards – small £4.50, large £7.95, bottle £21 Vegan

IL Pumo Negroamaro (Italy) – Intensely perfumed, deep, rich, flavoursome, frighteningly easy-drinking, medium-bodied red, packed with sweet
plummy fruit. Produced by the San Marzano Cantine, a co-operative of small growers in Puglia. Awarded a Silver medal at the Sommelier World Wine Awards –small £4.50, large £7.95, bottle £23

Dante Robino Malbec (Argentina) – A full-bodied red packed with fragrant, black cherry flavours with soft hints of vanilla and spice.  Firm in the mouth with soft, sweet tannins in the finish – £24

Dom. Chante Cigale (France) – Gorgeous, uncomplicated, fruit-forward, lighter style of red from the famous Chante Cigale Estate in the Southern Rhone.  Produced from 80% Grenache grapes which offer vibrant raspberry and cherry fruit, and 20% Carignan which adds body and Angkor soul – £25



Sierra Grande Sauvignon Blanc (Chile) – Full of tingling aromatics, this wine is bursting with tropical fruit flavours, yet retains freshness through its natural acidity – small £3.50, large £5.95, bottle £16.50 Vegan

Percheron Chenin Viognier (South Africa) – A vibrant and aromatic wine with delicious white peach, apricot and passion fruit flavours on the nose and palatesmall £3.80, large £6.75, bottle £18 Organic Vegan

Soldiers Block Chardonnay (Australia) – Ripe tropical fruit aromas pave the way to a mouthful of lush, ripe peach and passion fruit, followed by a long, crisp, tangerine finish. Silver medal winner at The International Wine and Spirits Challenge – small £3.80, large £6.75, bottle £18

Santa Digna Gewurtztraminer Reserva (Chile) – A fine, full-bodied, medium dry wine, with tropical fruit and spicy, perfumed characteristics balanced by a refreshing finish.  Great with shellfish and spicy South-east Asian food – £23 Organic Vegan


Magpie Estate ‘Rag & Bone’ Riesling (Australia) – Sensational off-dry white from the Eden Valley.  Ripe, intense lime flavours whilst retaining freshness. The palate is bright and zingy. Classic style with intensity and charm, minerality and spice.  GOLD Medal at the International Wine Challenge – £28


Willowood White Zinfandel (California) – A fruity blush, with strawberry, and red berry fruit flavours.  Light and refreshing – small £3.50, large £5.95, bottle £16.50 Vegan


Lunetta Prosecco – £6     200ml bottle

Canti Prosecco£17     by the bottle


Asahi Super Dry 330ml £3 or a 660ml bottle for £5

Pronounced ‘ah-sah-hee’ and means ‘rising sun’. This beer is brewed to an authentic Japanese recipe, to create excellent richness and satin smoothness. Light in body, mildly malty, and super dry.

Chang 330ml£3

Brewed in Thailand with the finest yeast and hops. Bright and golden with a subtle fruit and hop aroma.

Tiger 330ml £3 or a 640ml bottle for £5

Refreshing and full bodied lager beer brewed in Singapore, with a light straw colour, soft beady aroma and a hint of tropical fruit. Silky texture and clean finish.

Lucky Buddha 330ml – £3

Enlightened beer’ brewed in China. Earthy malt flavour with citrus features with notes of lemon, grapefruit, wheat, and honey that combine together for a crisp taste.


Bombay Sapphire Gin and Tonic – £6 (make it a double for £2)

 Absolut Vodka (35ml shot) – £2.50



Pot of Tea – £1.60

Speciality Teas (chai, green, jasmine, earl grey, fruit) – £1.80

Cappuccino – £2.50

Latte – £2.50

Hot Cambodian Coffee – £2.50  or try it on ice for £2.75

Americano – £2

Espresso – £1.80 single £2 double

Mocha – £2.50

Hot Chocolate – £2.50   kids – £1.50


Coca-Cola – £1.75

Diet Coke -£1.75

Cloudy Lemonade £1.75

Fairtrade Orange Juice – £2.50

Fairtrade Apple Juice – £2.50

Sparkling Elderflower Presse – £2.95

Sparkling Pomegranate and Elderflower Presse – £2.95

Bundaberg Ginger Beer – £2.95

Coconut Juice – £2.50

Tamarind Juice – £2.50

Mango Juice – £2.50

Tonic Water – £1.50

Fruit Cordial – £1.50

Glass of Milk – £1.50

Lime and Soda – £1.75



Hildon Natural Mineral Water – Still or Sparkling

Small 330ml – £1.50                    Large 750ml –  £3                      



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